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USB-C Male to USB-A Male Cable

BST USB-A Male to USB-C Male Cable

  • BST USB-A Male to USB-C Male Cable
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    • BST USB-A Male to USB-C Male Cable
Product Detail

USB-A male to USB-C male cable
Wire gauge: 22/24/26/28 AWG
Conductor: bare/tinned copper
Insulation: FEP/PP/HD-PE
Color: customized
Length: customized
Connectors: nickel/gold plated
Plug material: molding/metal
Current: 3.0A
USB TID number: 200000133
USB 3.0 standard male to USB type-C (works with most USB type-C devices) plug the standard USB side into any USB port (charging adapter, computer/laptop USB port) then plug in the other type-C USB side into your type-C USB compatible device (phones, laptops) charges and transfers data at incredible speeds with reliability of over 10,000 uses guaranteed

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