Now you can have your Mac
 Apr 04, 2019|View:2933

While people are rushing to view apple's new MacBook, many customer are also surprised to find that it only has one usb-c port besides the headphone jack.While comprehensive functionality is powerful, it is neither universal nor scalable, making it a headache.

MacBook USB-C advantage

This is a significant change from our current USB3.0 interface, which is smaller and more reversible. The actual transmission performance of usb-c (type-c) interface has also been significantly improved, and the theoretical maximum transmission speed can reach 5Gbps

MacBook lack of interface

If you buy a new MacBook, you have an external mouse, keyboard, gamepad, removable hard drive, and monitor handy.Even your iPhone, iPad, and iPod can't sync.

You can't use it while charging: all functions are integrated, so usb-c can be used for charging, data transmission, video transmission, projector connection and other functions.It's extremely convenient when you're using all of them alone, but when you're trying to use both, you find yourself at a loss.Don't even think about charging while working on an external monitor.Want to use the mouse to play games while charging, the door is not.



You can have a type c hub, for which function you want, you can choose how many port you need.

There is only one type c interface, so other things cannot be used while charging, so the selected hub needs to have a PD interface to support charging

For the function of display output, only the interface of type c can not support display output, let alone the use of projector and other output devices, so we need the interface with HDMI

In addition, as the MacBook Pro does not have an SD card reader, the SD card reader is particularly important as long as the player has a camera and so on.

RJ45 interface is the requirement of business personnel, many companies in order to data security issues, can only use the network connection line, so there must be an RJ45 interface.

At present, the main way of data transmission on the computer is still through USB, using type-c to transmit data is extremely rare.Therefore, we need USB interface on the hub to support our information transmission and other requirements.


In summary, our 8 in 1 hub can perfectly guarantee these functions, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, SD and TF interfaces can meet the needs of many photography enthusiasts, HDMI and VGA can bring better experience to film lovers, RJ45 can meet the needs of the company, with PD interface there is no need to worry about the power of the computer.

The New BEST CABLE type-c Hub is perfectly suited for daily use, even for the New MacBook.In terms of modeling and workmanship, the process technology of our hub is beyond reproach and conforms to multiple international certifications. This hub with good appearance, good quality and strong practicality might be a good choice for you Macbook.